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Louise du Preez

On the bucket list of our absolutely gorgeous-looking Muscle Evolution Babe, Louise du Preez is travelling the world, getting her Pro Card and appearing on the cover of a magazine. In all fairness, we can see this sexy 26-year-old Bikini competitor from Tzaneen achieving all that, and more!

How did you end up in the fitness industry?

I’m a relative newcomer. Bikini competitor Monique Lopes introduced me to the world of fitness. Being fit not only means physical health for me, but emotional and mental health, too. It actually defines every aspect of my life!

What have you accomplished so far?

I made my debut at the Rossi Grand Prix Extravaganza in 2016 and was absolutely hooked the moment I stepped out on stage. What an adrenaline rush! My last show was Fitness Runway Model South Africa held in August this year. I finished 2nd in the Fitness Bikini division and really loved the vibe! In between these shows I also competed at the NABBA/WFF World Championships in Ireland, where I placed 3rd in the Bikini Sports Model category.

Read the full interview with Louise in the November/December edition of Muscle Evolution!

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