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Levrone to compete again

Legendary bodybuilder Kevin Levrone will be making his return to the stage in this year’s Arnold Classic in Australia.

Levrone has promised his fans that he will compete in a better shape than he was at the 2016 Mr. Olympia when he returned to the competitive arena after 13 years away from the sport.

His comeback was a remarkable story that excited bodybuilding fans more than any other event over the last few years.

The genetically-gifted Levrone, who took second place in his first Mr. Olympia in 1992, was one of the most talented athletes in an era that featured incredible physiques including Flex Wheeler, Nasser El Sonbaty and Shawn Ray.

Despite not placing in the top 10 in 2016, Levrone got himself in contest-shape in only a few months.

Levrone, who was severely criticised for the lack of size in his legs when he returned to the stage, had this to say on the matter on social media: “Someone told me actions speak louder than words. In this case you are 100% correct, so I’ve decided to keep my mouth shut about my legs. Your support has really helped, thanks guys. We will see what time it is in Australia.”

The Arnold Classic Australia takes place in Melbourne between 16 to 18 March 2018.

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