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Experience is that thing that enable you to recognize a mistake before you make it again

Learn from others

Experience is that thing that enables you to recognize a mistake before you make it again.

The sentiment in today’s fast paced environment though is to quickly move from one thing to the next new thing without figuring out what went wrong and how to fix it.

We tend to be ‘windgat’ and ignore the old man grinding in the corner of the gym. While it is great to learn from books and the internet these sources still cannot beat real life experience and time accumulated in the trenches. Don’t think you know everything there is to know by quickly scanning through something online without taking the time to learn from others with more experience. While you simply cannot ignore the latest and greatest offered by the smart guys in the lab coats in the field of exercise science you can also tap into a wealth of knowledge assembled by those who have actually sweated with weights in the gyms and flexed on the stages of the world.

Everybody responds differently to exercise. We all have different bodies, recovery capabilities and diet requirements.Take ownership of your training today because the onus remains on you to figure out what works best for your individual body.

There are people who know what it feels like walking on to a stage with the crowd waiting and you pumped with adrenaline to show them what you are made of. There are also those who know what it feels like when you walk off a stage with your head hung low after failing to make the cut.

I think the most important aspect in bodybuilding, like in any other sport, is the willingness to learn from others and how to transition knowledge from theory to practice. Also how to bounce back from disappointment.

If you are serious about bodybuilding then you should seek mentorship from people who know their stuff, the industry, how to train and diet and who are eager to pass on what they have learned to the next generation. Mentors who have knowledge about posing, prepping and paint-on tans.Those who will take the time to help. They are all around you. Just open your eyes.

Continue to learn from them because one day you will be that veteran with the creaking joints grinding away with weights in the corner of the gym with knowledge to build the next generation of iron warriors.

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