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Muscle Evolution Editor, Werner Beukes

Keep lifting and learning

In our journey through all things heavy we often come across what I call muscle tips

Hands-on experience can make a world of difference and turn a mediocre training session in to a productive one because the body will always try to find the easiest way to lift weights. It’s almost like you have to override all of that and find the hardest way to lift each and every time you step through the doors at the gym.This is why any adjustments we can make to our training, attitudes, goals, etc, are always welcome.

Having an open mind to make things more streamlined in all areas of life is better than doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

The clock ticks, the sun sets and before we know it we have one fewer day left on this beautiful planet.

If you are walking, breathing and lifting – those are pretty good enough reasons to be grateful for each and every day.

Now enough of the philosophical stuff. Let’s get practical.

Two quick things to consider next time you do tris and lats:

  • If you are sick and tired of performing the same old skull crushers you can place a bench a few feet away from a cable station and attach a straight bar, ez-curl bar or rope to the machine. Now bang out your skull crushers as you normally would.
  • Start your next back workout with cable pullovers. Do them from a standing position facing the machine you are using. Although pullovers with a dumbbell can increase the width and thickness of the lats it is always a struggle to keep the targeted muscle under constant tension all the way through when you are laying across a bench. By using a cable with a straight bar attachment instead the lats are placed under continual tension from start to finish. Cable pullovers are also easier on the shoulder joints.

Your main focus when you hit the weights should always be to make progress on your lifts. Don’t just do enough to get by.See how hard you can push yourself.Do your compounds first, then finish off with isolation moves. Whether you squeeze out a few extra reps, rest a little less between sets, lift more weight or simply move the weight a bit slower or more explosively, progress is still progress.

Whatever you do, keep lifting and learning.

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