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Johnnie Jackson Wins the Arnold Classic Africa 2017

When a boxer throws a jab, his intent is to cause his opponent to feel the power of his hand. All the strength of the boxer is channeled and directed through his hand. In the same way a bodybuilder desires to channel his power through his body to land a knockout blow to his opponents on stage.

Veterans clearly know how to deliver a show stopping blow. Last year it was IFBB Pro Dexter Jackson who walked away with the honours at the inaugural Arnold Classic Africa. This year it was another Jackson in the form of Johnnie O. Jackson.


With his thick traps, chest and phenomenal back the Texan, who once held the title as the world’s strongest bodybuilder, returned to the Pro stage at the Arnold Classic Africa to score another victory in a career that began in 2001 when he won the Overall title at the NPC Nationals.

For the 46-year-old Johnny it has always been a case of getting hard enough to make a dent at the bigger shows and he clearly looked pleased to knock out challengers Michael Lockett (2nd) and Juan Morel (3rd). Even a genetically superior Victor Martinez struggled to bring his trademark condition and shape, settling for 4th spot. Keep an eye on Kuwait’s Ibrahim Fahim (5th) in future shows when he brings the muscle and detail to add the quality needed to battle with the big boys.


Jeff Beckham (6th) had the size and posing repertoire but could have been harder and sharper. Nailing his conditioning perfectly will earn him top-tier credibility. Local bodybuilders Earl Abrahams (8th) and Cobus van der Merwe (11th) were shredded and presented classy physiques but lacked the thickness to push harder for better results.

Caroly Botha finished in 9th position on the IFBB Pro Fitness stage and was the only South African in an extremely tough line-up of contestants from Canada, Germany, Brazil and the United States. American Regiane da Silva was unstoppable and scored another victory with Derina Wilson, also from the United States, coming in at 2nd and Brazil’s Diana Monteiro securing 3rd place.

In the Pro Wheelchair Bodybuilding competition, one of the new additions to the Arnold Classic Africa , it was the passionate Italian Gabriele Andriulli who outclassed his opposition in dominant fashion.

ACA 2017 IFBB Pro results:

Pro Bodybuilding:

  1. Johnnie Jackson
  2. Michael Lockett
  3. Juan Morel
  4. Victor Martinez
  5. Ibrahim Fahim
  6. Jeff Beckham
  7. Tomas Kaspar
  8. Earl Abrahams
  9. Suliman Al Tarkait
  10. Derek Upshaw
  11. Cobus van der Merwe

Pro Fitness:

  1. Regiane da Silva
  2. Derina Wilson
  3. Diana Monteiro
  4. Kristine Duba
  5. Nicolette Spencer
  6. Missy Farrell
  7. Tiffany Chandler
  8. Holly Semanoff
  9. Caroly Botha
  10. Sally Williams
  11. Rebecca Sizemore

Pro Wheelchair:

  1. Gabriele Andriulli
  2. Harold Kelley
  3. Antoni Khadraou
  4. Johnny Quinn

Click here to view the Amateur results

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