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Incredible line-up at Arnold Classic Africa

Three of South Africa’s most successful bodybuilders since Gary Strydom will be lining up with the best of the best at the inaugural Arnold Classic Africa to be held in Johannesburg in the month of May.

The IFBB Pro division is an invite only competition and it has shaped up to be one of the best line-ups of the year.

The buzz is currently around Dexter Jackson, a former Mr Olympia and one of only three men who can lay claim to hold both the Arnold and the Olympia titles along with Ronnie Coleman and Jay Cutler, to take the top spot.

Local IFBB Pro athletes Marius Dohne, Cobus van der Merwe and Andrew Hudson will flex against international contenders comprising of Dexter Jackson (USA), Lionel Beyeke (France), Brandon Curry (USA), Jon de la Rosa (USA), Victor Martinez (Dominican Republic), Michael Kefalianos (Greece), Fred Smalls (USA) and Lukas Wyler (Switzerland). The latest addition to this list of supreme athletes is Roelly Winklaar (Netherlands).

Arnold Classic Africa: IFBB Pro Marius Dohne

The symmetrically-gifted Marius Dohne has improved his legs to match his superb upper body to go for gold as he competes in his last show before finally retiring from the competitive stage.

Arnold Classic Africa: IFBB Pro Cobus van der Merwe

Cobus van der Merwe has the goods to make him an outstanding contender with overall size, fantastic arms and huge legs.

Arnold Classic Africa: IFBB Pro Andrew Hudson

With a great balance of size and conditioning Andrew Hudson is someone who believes in relentlessly chasing dreams and making them happen.

The South Africans need to be on point because veteran Jackson will be out to prove that he can still hang with the big boys in his pursuit to add another victory to his impressive resume. Both Martinez and Winklaar could bring the X-factor to the show. They along with Jackson are familiar names in bodybuilding that will have the fans following along to see who comes out on top.

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