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IFBB/NPC fight: A new era in bodybuilding?

Jim Manion, President of the NPC (National Physique Committee) and the IFBB (International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness) Pro League has announced a split between the NPC and the IFBB Amateur League.

This follows a dispute over judging duties between the IFBB and the NPC/IFBB Pro League at the Olympia weekend. Manion is both the NPC and IFBB Pro League President.

Dr. Rafael Santonja runs the IFBB Amateur League. The IFBB and the IFBB Pro League are separate entities. The IFBB Pro League, the sanctioning body for all professional competitions such as the Mr. Olympia, is still intact and will carry on. What it essentially means is the only way a bodybuilder can now obtain IFBB Pro status is through either the NPC or NPC-affiliates and no longer through the IFBB Amateur League. The NPC, the largest organisation for amateur bodybuilders in the United States, is expected to expand internationally to give amateurs in other countries the opportunity to compete for the chance to obtain an IFBB Pro Card. The NPC will remain open to anyone and everyone who thinks they are ready to enter the competitive arena.


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