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The Gift equals The Oak’s record

Phil ‘The Gift’ Heath is still the best bodybuilder in the world.

Muscle phenomenon

The man who earned the nickname ‘The Gift’ because of his exceptional bodybuilding genes has been winning the Mr. Olympia contest since 2011.

The 37-year-old Heath now equals Arnold ‘The Oak’ Schwarzenegger’s Olympia record after being crowned for the seventh time in Las Vegas at the weekend.

And he is inching closer to the record eight Olympia victories held by both Ronnie Coleman and Lee Haney.

He did not post any progress pics on social media before the victory saying: “Old school guys before social media didn’t and I follow that model.”

‘Winning can be habitual’

On stage Heath was every inch the walking muscle chart phenomenon everyone expected him to be. One bodybuilding fan described him adequately: “When Phil flexes his muscles pop and he expands like a rippled blowfish!”

In the run-up to this year Mr. Olympia competition Heath posted earlier in the week on his Instagram: “I chose to be a winner, and winning can be habitual.”

The hype around Mamdouh ‘Big Ramy’ Elssbiay was unbelievable and although he came in more streamlined than usual, the largest man in the line-up failed to knock out the champ. At the end of the night the judge’s scorecards reflected their choice of aesthetics over sheer size.


William Bonac came 3rd, showing a tremendous amount of muscle on his compact frame with the ageless Dexter Jackson taking 4th and Shawn Rhoden, who finished 2nd in 2016, sliding to 5th spot.

Heath clearly improved on his conditioning of last year, producing a three-dimensional effect on stage that other competitors struggled to emulate. He cut back on his appearances and travel and it showed on stage. He walked away with a hefty victory cheque of $400,000. Heath’s muscularity and symmetry have made him unbeatable and by the look of things maybe for several more years.

Bodybuilding is about aesthetics and not strength or performance. There was a lot of that on the Olympia stage but no one good enough to derail the Phil Heath Express!

2017 Mr. Olympia Open Bodybuilding Results

  1. Phil Heath
  2. Mamdouh ‘Big Ramy’ Elssbiay
  3. William Bonac
  4. Dexter Jackson
  5. Shawn Rhoden
  6. Roelly Winklaar
  7. Nathan De Asha
  8. Brandon Curry
  9. Josh Lenartowicz
  10. Cedric McMillian

212 Top 5

  1. Flex Lewis
  2. Ahmad Ashkanani
  3. Jose Raymond
  4. David Henry
  5. Derek Lunsford

Bikini Top 5

  1. Angelica Teixeira
  2. Jennifer Ronzitti
  3. Romina Basualdo
  4. Casey Samsel
  5. Narmin Assria

Men’s Physique Top 5

  1. Jeremy Buendia
  2. Andre Ferguson
  3. Brandon Hendrickson
  4. Raymont Edmonds
  5. Jeremy Potvin

Women’s Physique Top 5

  1. Juliana MaLacarne
  2. Jennifer Taylor
  3. Heather Grace
  4. Kira Neuman
  5. Sheronic Henton

Classic Physique Top 5

  1. Breon Ansley
  2. Chris Bumstead
  3. George Peterson
  4. Arash Rahbar
  5. Danny Hester

Fitness Top 5

  1. Oksana Grishina
  2. Myriam Capes
  3. Regiane Da Silva
  4. Ryall Graber
  5. Bethany Wagner

Figure Top 5

  1. Cydney Gillon
  2. Latorya Watts
  3. Cadice Lewis
  4. Heather Dees
  5. Nicole Watkins

* Report by Werner Beukes, Muscle Evolution Editor

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