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Getting ripped – what not to do

It’s no secret that bodybuilders are among the most successful dieters on the planet.

How do they get so totally sliced and diced?
Here are the most common mistakes that might keep you from getting as ripped as your bodybuilding idol:

#1 Avoid drastic changes

The gradual reduction of calories coupled with an intelligent increase in exercise is by far the most effective strategy to lose fat while retaining muscle mass.

#2 Don’t increase cardio too much

A slow and gradual increase in cardio can help you get dialled in for a show. Start with a minimal dose of cardio and add short increments to make progress.

#3 Don’t drink all your calories

The majority of your prep to get stage-ready should not require you to consume liquid meals to sustain nutrient intake.

#4 Don’t fixate on the scale

Instead of obsessing over your scale weight, focus on your physiological state.

#5 Stop comparing yourself to others

Everyone is different and everyone progresses at different rates. The actions and opinions of others should not influence your own efforts.

Remember: There are no cookie-cutter prep protocols. What happens to your body when you train and diet down for a show is unique to you as an individual.


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