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Get jacked with Fortitude Training

Top bodybuilding hacks for 2018

With over 30 years of gym experience, we were fortunate enough to pick the brain of exercise physiologist Scott Stevenson (PhD), who has coached several bodybuilders across the globe, on his training approach and practical ways on how you could improve your own training.

Dr. Stevenson, tell us how you became involved in bodybuilding.
I recall having a desire to lift weights long before I started at the age of 11. I can’t really pinpoint the origin of this urge, but it was there and I immediately enjoyed the meditative aspects of diving headfirst into a set with the intention to see how deeply I could test myself. Doing a set was like diving into a pool – I felt I could do it all day, trying to go deeper each time. The sports for which I was weight training in high school (football, swimming and wrestling) became secondary to the training itself over time and I found a niche for myself – something that I passionately enjoyed and could eventually transform into my profession.

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