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Generation Iron 3 coming soon

Generation Iron 3 is almost completed and is expected to be released in October.

Much like its predecessors, Generation Iron 1 and 2, the third bodybuilding documentary will give another insider perspective of the industry. One of the key topics that is covered is the pursuit of the ultimate physique and what it looks like.

The Generation Iron crew has travelled all over the world and filmed in over 10 countries including India, Germany, France, Uzbekistan, Australia, China, Iran, Brazil, Canada, Ghana, and the United States. Some of the new faces in the film include – Regan Grimes and Chris Bumstead from Canada, Tim Budesheim from Germany, Varinder Singh Ghuman from India, Rafael Brandao from Brazil, and a newcomer to the West – Hadi Choopan.

“We have been travelling across the globe from country to country seeing how bodybuilders utilise any resources available to them to follow their careers, ” says producer Edwin Mejia Jr.

“We saw a lot of similarities and a lot of differences from region to region. We went from countries deeply rooted in bodybuilding to regions of emerging economies and opening borders where bodybuilding and fitness has just started to develop.”

The film also explores a variety of divisions in bodybuilding such as the newly established Classic Physique division and Women’s Fitness. Generation Iron 3’s first look teaser will premiere in July.

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