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Flex in new BBC documentary

Welsh IFBB Pro and 212 Mr. Olympia champion James ‘Flex’ Lewis has starred in a BBC documentary about his journey to the pinnacle of the sport of bodybuilding.

In ‘Flex Lewis: Superstar Bodybuilder’ a BBC film crew followed Lewis in the run-up to his sixth Mr. Olympia competition.

Born in the small Welsh town of Llanelli in the United Kingdom, Lewis eventually moved to America to follow his dream of competing as a professional bodybuilder.

He was not always interested in bodybuilding though. Lewis got his nickname ‘Flex’ by dodging tackles as a winger on the rugby field. He initially started lifting weights to improve his rugby skills but started entering and winning bodybuilding competitions before realising his dream and turning professional by the age of 24.

Bodybuilding trainer Neil Hill spotted Lewis at his first competition and has been coaching him ever since.

In 2012 he won his first 212 title at the Mr. Olympia contest and claimed his sixth consecutive victory at bodybuilding’s biggest annual event in 2017.

The documentary shows how Lewis faces a double blow of a personal tragedy with the death of fellow bodybuilder Dallas McCarver and a natural disaster that forces him from his home during his prep for the Mr. Olympia contest.

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