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Fix your training hangover

If you feel totally smashed and have to psyche yourself up every time you enter the gym, you’re undoubtedly heading for a workout hangover…

Training too hard too often has led to this undesirable state of affairs. And gulping down a pre-workout won’t make the “I just got hit by a truck” feeling disappear as this merely exacerbates the Central Nervous System (CNS) fatigue you’re suffering from. Here’s a better way to win your battle with CNS fatigue…

The #1 rule

If you still subscribe to the old-school philosophy of “the more I train, the better the results I’ll achieve” then you are bound to hit a brick wall. More training does not automatically equal more muscle. A high volume of training places greater demands on the body’s immune system, which is responsible for recovery, and your body only has a finite capacity to recover. But what about Ronnie Coleman’s train heavy all the time philosophy
and what about Arnold

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