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Delt destruction

Former IFBB Pro bodybuilder Seth Feroce recommends the following workout to jump-start your shoulder growth:

Complete a total of 4 giant sets (one exercise after another until completion):

Bent-over rear dumbbell raises – 12 reps

Dumbbell side lateral raises – 12 reps

Dumbbell front raises – 12 reps

Superset the following for 3 sets each:

Machine shoulder press – 3×10 with Machine side lateral raises – 3×10

Superset the following for 4 sets each:

Cable side lateral raises – 4×12 with cable front raises – 4×12

Complete the workout with the following:

Rope face pulls – 3×12 super-setted with cable front raises – 3×10 (squeeze each rep at the top)

“This is a very fast paced workout with tons and tons of volume,” says Feroce.

“Make sure you are hydrated and keep drinking fluids during and after your workout. Stay in control with each exercise and focus on getting a good contraction of the muscle. Make a solid mind to muscle connection with each target area and push blood into that area!”

Check out Feroce’s shoulder training video at https://youtu.be/t-h0T3dE8t4 or visit his website at www.feroceironacademy.com

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