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CT Fletcher recovers from heart surgery

Weightlifting legend CT Fletcher, known for his motivational and hardcore training videos, is recovering from heart surgery.

According to family members he is recovering from an 11-hour heart transplant.

“He is now in recovery and is progressing beyond the expectations of the doctors,” Beatrice Fletcher posted on behalf of CT Fletcher and his family on social media.

“We would like to recognize and say a heartfelt prayer for the donor and their family for making the ultimate gesture by gifting us the miracle of a better quality of life for CT. Please know that when we spoke to CT. today he was already talking about how grateful he is and that he was going to take care of this gift and continue to do all the things he believes he was born to do! Iron addicts around the world, rest assured we pray along with CT that the best is yet to come! In the meantime, we the family of CT bow down in humility and give thanks to God, who shows us with faith anything is possible.”

Fletcher, a three-time World Bench Press champion and three-time World Strict Curl champion, inherited from his mother’s side of the family, a heart condition that has heavily impacted his life as bodybuilder and powerlifter.

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