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Creatine & kidney failure

Is there really a connection between creatine supplementation and renal failure? We investigate…

Like a dog with a bone, sects within the online health and fitness community don’t seem ready to let go of the “creatine-is-harmful-for-you”-debate, intent on trying to squeeze out every last drop of controversy they can.

Over the years, unsubstantiated facts have, every so often, continued to emerge about creatine monohydrate’s negative impact on health and, in particular, kidney function. These often scary stories are periodically taken out of the closet, dusted off and distributed on the internet by fear-mongers in the hopes it goes viral, which makes it increasingly difficult for the layman to distinguish between fact and fiction. So let’s take this opportunity to cut through all the creatine fake news to get to the truth, once and for all.

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