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Bodybuilding veterans (from left) Shane Kreusch, Vic Alley and Muscle Evolution editor Werner Beukes.

Crank it up!

It’s relatively easy to become complacent in your quest to put size on your arms. In the latest edition of South Africa’s number 1 bodybuilding magazine, Muscle Evolution, available nationwide from Monday, 23 April 2018, we give you valuable tips on the lifting regimen of veteran bodybuilder Shane Kreusch, owner of a freaky pair of arms.

Under the watchful eye of his coach Vic Alley, the 42-year-old winner of the Masters title at the recent Physical Culture Association’s Conrad Nagel Xtreme Classic, takes us through his most productive workout for biceps and triceps. Make sure not to miss out – in the May/June edition we offer tons of advice and inspiration to help you get to where you want to be physically!

Also in this issue you will find key points on how to survive your first prep, the ideal food choices for muscle recovery after training, how to implement change in your routine and the difference between moving weight and working muscle in the gym. You can also read about how you can speed up your gains with the time under tension principle, an exciting supplement known as theacrine and why protein is still king when it comes to building muscle, strength and size. As usual we also bring you the latest action from the competitive stage. Last but not least – we profile the ridiculously hot IFBB Fitness Bikini competitor Claudette Renney!

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