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Chris Bumstead, one of the rising stars in the Classic Physique division.

Are classic lines coming back?

IFBB Pros Regan Grimes and Cody Montgomery have recently announced their decision to switch divisions – from Bodybuilding to Classic Physique.

It appears the fitness industry is changing faster than ever before. Bodybuilding federations are separating, new ones are emerging and athletes are changing divisions.

There is a growing appreciation for the more aesthetic competitor in the Classic Physique. One with wide delts, a super tight midsection and flaring quads. This was also the blueprint for physical perfection pursued by greats such as Steve Reeves, Reg Park and Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Attributes such as symmetry, muscle definition and hardness are in the spotlight again with judges in the Classic Physique division looking more for aesthetics and details with less focus on overall freaky mass.

With the recent passing of Dallas McCarver and Rich Piana, known for their enormous size, questions about getting as huge as possible have been raised again.

Are the mass monsters a dying breed? Will Classic Physique actually dominate the Olympia weekend in a few years?

Only time will tell.

Looking at their social media following and the popularity of rising Classic Physique stars such as Breon Ansley, Chris Bumstead and Arash Rahbar, the new division is growing from strength to strength.

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