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Fix your training hangover

If you feel totally smashed and have to psyche yourself up every time you enter the gym, you’re undoubtedly heading for a workout hangover… Training too hard too often has led to this undesirable state of affairs. And gulping down a pre-workout won’t make the “I just got hit by ...

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The mass appeal of SARMs

If you ask anyone about SARMs you’ll likely get statements like “safer than steroids” or “a solid alternative to ‘roids”. But that’s overly simplifying the matter, so let’s explore this contentious subject in more depth… Experimental drugs The acronym SARM stands for selective androgen receptor modulator. SARMS are non-steroidal drugs ...

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Show reports

All the latest show results and pictures! • Arnold Classic Africa • WFF Pretoria Classic Pro-Am • IFBB Millennium Gold Plate All the latest show results and pictures in the May/June edition of Muscle Evolution!  

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Get your bulk on

Exclusive insights from local Pros Are there specific exercises that can take you from a pencil-neck to mass monster? How important is consistency and are protein powders the secret to 3D muscle? We posed a couple of questions to three of South Africa’s most prominent Pro bodybuilders: Carlos ‘The Champ’ ...

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Native whey

The new buzzword in protein supplements Whey protein is the undisputed king of the supplement industry. It’s also the most competitive segment in the market, with manufacturers competing on protein content and quality, flavouring systems, and price. It now seems that a new front has emerged among purveyors of high-quality ...

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Torturous tactics to failure & beyond

Advanced training methods are not just for the professionals. They are for anyone looking for an edge to boost their intensity to grow stronger and larger. Without damage (a stimulus), there can be no response from the body. However, if you continually push yourself to the absolute brink and beyond, ...

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