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Bigger, leaner, stronger in 2018

Stick to your guns and achieve those goals Resolution #1: Eating clean Experts tell us that two-thirds of all backsliding happens within 90 days of starting a new routine – be it training or eating clean. Not only do you need to know what to eat, but you also need ...

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Calves crash course

Pound your pins from matchsticks to bulls! At Muscle Evolution we always give credit to champs who have paid their dues in the gym and on the stage. Judging from their outstanding calf development these athletes know a thing or two about the mental toughness that is required to build ...

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Shelby Neves

Sexy Shelby Jessica Neves has come a long way. Her inspiring rollercoaster ride from being a starry-eyed dreamer looking up to competitive athletes to USN’s Face of Fitness Cover Model and the hottest Fitness Bikini competitor on the circuit has been nothing short of astounding! Find out about this gorgeous-looking ...

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Prep Talk

  A bodybuilding coach is ideally someone who understands both the science and practice of the sport. Preferably, this should be someone who knows about the intensity and the iron-willed discipline needed to succeed, particularly in those final weeks leading up to a contest. Muscle Evolution rounded up some of ...

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