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Theacrine: An alternative to caffeine

Caffeine as a mental and physical stimulant is a staple in everyone’s daily life. Known for giving you a kick when you need it the most, there can also be some drawbacks to your favourite cup of coffee in the morning before gym. Let’s be honest – for a vast ...

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Show reports

All the latest show results and pictures! • Arnold Classic USA • Arnold Classic Australia • PCA Development Show • PCA Conrad Nagel Xtreme Classic • Elite Athlete Extravaganza All the latest show results and pictures in the May/June edition of Muscle Evolution!

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The hunger games

Are you super hungry while cutting? Do you go to sleep at night and dream about food? Dieting for a show brings along a whole set of mind games of its own. Don’t stress, shred smart with these helpful tips. When you lean out for a show you have to ...

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Claudette Renney

Ridiculously hot is an apt description for IFBB Fitness Bikini competitor Claudette Renney, who is our latest ME Babe. Helping others is Claudette’s passion and seeing the change in someone through their fitness journey is incredibly satisfying for this 28-year-old, who lives and works in Johannesburg. And let’s be totally ...

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King Kreusch rules!

Shane Kreusch is king when it comes to dominating the Masters division. Although he also retained his Masters title in his first show of 2018, the Physical Culture Association’s Conrad Nagel Xtreme Classic, the 42-year-old gym owner from King William’s Town is also the first to admit that without the ...

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Your first prep

Key points en route to shredville You know who you are. You’ve been lifting for a year or so, chasing the bodybuilding dream. You have followed the best routines and banged out some heavy iron because you were hell bent on getting huge. Sure, you gained some solid muscle but ...

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Moving weight vs working muscle

There are two ways to lift. Moving the most amount of weight from point A to point B or to feel the muscles working to achieve a certain look. If you are involved in a performance-based sport such as rugby, MMA or powerlifting you will be more concerned about the ...

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Muscle confusion: Is change good or bad?

Though the term is frequently misinterpreted, there are plenty of interesting anecdotes supporting it. Some top-level competitors in bodybuilding and strength sports swear by it while others regard it as total bullshit. Here’s what you need to know. An old Chinese proverb says, “Give a man a fish, you feed ...

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Balancing blood sugar levels

An often over-looked aspect of bodybuilding nutrition is the impact that foods have on blood sugar levels. Low blood sugar levels can lead to sub-par growth, while a spike can turn you into blubber man. In contrast, stable sugar levels are correlated with muscle growth and recovery. Blood sugar, also ...

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