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Maximising Recovery

What should you do on rest days? By Pedro van Gaalen, Managing Editor Optimal recovery is dependent on a number of interrelated factors, the most important of which are nutrition and what you do between intense exercise sessions. While this important recovery period needs to include rest, should your day ...

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Training Guide: The Deadlift

Because form comes first! How to do it: Starting: Place an Olympic bar on the ground and stack it with your preferred weight. Face the bar and place your legs shoulder width apart. Flex at the hip to bend down and grip the bar. Use an alternate or mixed grip ...

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Formidable Forearms

By Devlin Brown Popeye would pop a can of spinach and go save the damsel in distress – in our childhood this image would be played over and over. What was his strongest body part? Forearms. He was ridiculously out of proportion, but being a cartoon character he can be ...

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The 5 worst things to do after training

Optimise recovery from exercise with these simple yet often overlooked practices  1. Skipping your post-exercise recovery meal Exercise is a stimulus that causes muscle breakdown (catabolism), but it also initiates a number of processes that help to repair and rebuild this damage. First and foremost, it initiates an anabolic hormonal ...

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5 Things Every Beginner Should Know

Years of bodybuilding knowledge condensed into a few points that have the power to make or break your career 1. Young, dumb and full of … Yes, I’m talking about you. We were all teenagers at some stage in our lives and we all thought that we knew better than ...

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