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The 5 worst things to do after training

Optimise recovery from exercise with these simple yet often overlooked practices  1. Skipping your post-exercise recovery meal Exercise is a stimulus that causes muscle breakdown (catabolism), but it also initiates a number of processes that help to repair and rebuild this damage. First and foremost, it initiates an anabolic hormonal ...

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Taking stock ahead of 2016

Louis Bessinger Guest Blog

Louis Bessinger So many people have been emailing and phoning me asking what my next move is – what am I preparing for next. There comes a time when one must step back and assess where you are, and tweak your goals and rediscover that passion that got you to ...

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Managing food costs at the elite level

Andrew Hudson Guest Blog

Andrew Hudson Many of the younger guys tell me that they can’t compete or get into good shape because it’s too expensive. When I ask them what is so expensive they always tell me it is the food or supplements that they can’t afford. If that was the case why ...

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5 Things Every Beginner Should Know

Years of bodybuilding knowledge condensed into a few points that have the power to make or break your career 1. Young, dumb and full of … Yes, I’m talking about you. We were all teenagers at some stage in our lives and we all thought that we knew better than ...

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Training and Competition Mentality

Johan Boshoff Guest Blog

Johan “Bossie” Boshoff Bodybuilding is an individual sport, which means the focus needs to be on you and your approach. The most important element in this regard is your mental attitude as this will get you through the hard training and tough dieting required to become the best you can ...

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The right approach to rest

John Leslie Guest Blog

John “The Terminator” Leslie Every bodybuilder should know that muscle growth doesn’t happen in the gym. It happens when we rest, eat and recover. Yet many don’t give too much thought to what they do on rest days. During the off-season I have at least two rest days a week ...

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