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The Dangers of Dieting

An empty plate, in front of a man with folded arms.

Avoid dietary setbacks to keep muscle and shed fat by Andrew Carruthers – Editor-In-Chief As bodybuilders, when it comes to dieting we tend to think in terms of losing body fat. When that’s your only focus you may begin to overlook one of the most important and complex elements of ...

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The pH Factor

This one small thing could be holding your muscle gains back What’s happening on the inside? The internal environment of the human body is a very intricate system. So many biological, chemical and physiological reactions take place within the body that scientists still do not understand how the body coordinates ...

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5 Tweaks that will get you ripped

A few small changes to your diet can make a big difference Many people make the mistake of making radical dietary changes in their quest for a better and healthier body. However, a few simple, smart nutritional changes can have a radical impact on how you look and feel. Tweak ...

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A Beer After Training Boosts Testosterone

A beer after training may boost testosterone levels.

The news just about every man has been waiting for… By Anthony Roberts How bad is it to have a beer after training? Some would (and have) argued that it’s going to put a hold on your gains, citing studies on rehydration, muscle glycogen, etc. (usually these people pick the ...

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