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USN 3XT Extreme Pump: A next generation pre-workout

Although I have had my fair share of pre-workouts through the years I am the first to admit that USN’s next generation 3XT Extreme Pump is definitely up there with the best of the best. Important components influenced by what you take as part of your pre-workout supplementation are strength/power, ...

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How to power up pre-workout

Give your training session a boost with pre-workout supplements You asked: Training at the highest intensity, session after session, to promote the greatest anabolic response can often be difficult. What supplements can I use to ensure I deliver my best every time I step into the gym? We answered: Pre-workout ...

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USN’s Hardcore Whey gH: Break through your plateau!

If you are interested in breaking through your training plateaus, putting on lean muscle mass while not becoming a fat slob USN Hardcore Whey gH is right up your alley. The product contains high-quality whey protein with scientifically proven muscle-feeding, building and recovery nutrients to repair your body sufficiently after ...

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The Strongman Supplement Plan – USN’s Samuel Frauenstein

USN Man Remade Samuel Frauenstein

The Strongman Supplement Plan: Samuel Frauenstein‘s approach to supplementation and nutrition revealed. The nutritional requirements of strongman competitors like Team USN Elite athlete Samuel Frauenstein varies to those of bodybuilders as their goals are completely different. Where bodybuilders focus on aesthetics, with muscle gain and fat loss of paramount importance, strongmen ...

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Fuel your workouts with USN’s Anavol Intra-Gro

USN Anavol

Science has come a long way since bodybuilders depended on coffee as a performance enhancer. The easy-to-digest carbohydrate called Vitargo has been on the lips of everyone who is on a mission to crush their workouts in the gym. Consuming the right nutrients at the right time is critical if ...

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No More Late Night Meals

Bodybuilders who get up in the middle of the night to down a protein shake or eat a meal could be affecting their weight and metabolism negatively. According to a new study conducted by researchers at the University of Pennsylvania in America eating late at night can not only increase ...

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Supp Review: USN BlueLab 100% Whey Protein

A great tasting premium protein The past few weeks I have been using USN’s Whey Protein isolate, hydrolysate and concentrate blend. Although it carries the BlueLab’s stamp of approval, which basically means that it has been specifically formulated and manufactured to provide world class ingredients based on the needs of ...

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How to Pack on More Size This Winter

hunt for mass

Are you on the hunt for mass? You asked As we head into winter I want to add more size to my frame, so that when summer arrives again I’ll be bigger and ready to get ripped. What products are best to assist me to pack on more muscle? We ...

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Is fat really bad?

New research shows that the overriding principle of a healthy diet is not the quantity of fat or carbohydrates but the quality of foods consumed.

New research shows that the overriding principle of a healthy diet is not the quantity of fat or carbohydrates but the quality of foods consumed. Scientists at the University of Bergen in Norway sparked a new debate whether dietary fat and in particular saturated fat could be good for you. ...

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