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TNT/Ciccone Cult Muscle Evo Cover Search

TNT and Ciccone in conjunction with South Africa’s number 1 bodybuilding magazine Muscle Evolution present the TNT and Ciccone Cover Search. Being hardcore is a badge of honour. Hardcore is a state of mind. The worst thing you can be is the same as everybody else, right? Hardcore is getting ...

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Crank it up!

It’s relatively easy to become complacent in your quest to put size on your arms. In the latest edition of South Africa’s number 1 bodybuilding magazine, Muscle Evolution, available nationwide from Monday, 23 April 2018, we give you valuable tips on the lifting regimen of veteran bodybuilder Shane Kreusch, owner ...

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Dorian Yates biography released

Six-time Mr. Olympia Dorian Yates has released his official biography. Called ‘Dorian Yates: From the Shadow’ the story moves from the legendary bodybuilder’s upbringing and the time he spent in a detention centre as a juvenile delinquent to his hardcore training sessions, the steroids he used as well as his ...

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Hasta la vista to flab for Arnold’s Terminator 6

The release date for Terminator 6 has been moved to November 2019 for Arnold Schwarzenegger to sufficiently recover from his heart surgery to once again play the kick-ass cyborg. Linda Hamilton is reprising her role as Sarah Connor nearly 30 years after Terminator 2, though her and Arnold’s roles are ...

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All eyes on the Millennium Gold Plate

The IFBB Millennium Gold Plate fitness and bodybuilding show is the final contest in the Gauteng region where athletes can qualify to compete in the upcoming Arnold Classic Africa. Competitors will travel to Kempton Park on Saturday, 14 April to bring their best conditioning to the stage. Last year’s competition saw ...

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Watch teaser of upcoming Ronnie Coleman film

The first ever authorised film biography of former eight-time Mr. Olympia Ronnie Coleman will be released soon. Generation Iron and the Vladar Company, producers of ‘Ronnie Coleman: The King’, have in the meantime released the official teaser poster for the film (see above) as well as a trailer. The film ...

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Pro asks for more comparisons

Hidetada Yamagishi wants to see more comparisons at contests. The IFBB Pro bodybuilder from Japanese origin believes that being compared just twice is not enough for competitors and the fans of the sport. “Athletes and fans definitely want to see more comparisons,” Yamagishi wrote in a social media post. “I’m ...

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The return of ‘The Quad Father’

Tom Platz has returned to the bodybuilding fold. Known in his competitive days as ‘The Quad Father’ and ‘The Golden Eagle’, Platz is still seen by many bodybuilding aficionados as the man who displayed the best leg development in the history of the sport. Platz last competed in 1986 but ...

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