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Healthy body fat percentages for female athletes

Marlene Koekemoer Guest Blog

Marlene Koekemoer A valid question in today’s fat obsessed society is the maintenance of a good and healthy body fat average throughout the year. Also of importance is the right body fat percentage to obtain when you are competing in a contest and the dilemma of how long you can ...

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My 2015 Arnold Classic experience

Andrew Hudson Guest Blog

Andrew Hudson I recently returned from a trip overseas, which was, without question, one of the best experiences of my life. I went to train for a week with my coach John Meadows, in the U.S. It was a week loaded with awesomeness. I stayed in a self-catering hotel, right ...

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Chest training tips

John Leslie Guest Blog

John ‘The Terminator’ Leslie If you watch the DVDs and YouTube videos of the top pro athletes you’ll see that most of them tend to stick to the bread-and-butter moves when it comes to chest training. It’s mainly the pressing exercises with barbells and dumbbells, with a few flyes in ...

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Getting a head start

Louis Bessinger Guest Blog

Louis Bessinger When I work with a client I like to start their preparation in the off-season already, because then I have full control of their progress, and I’m able to dial them in on time without the need for crash diets or other hectic last minute strategies. I prefer ...

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Off-season bulk up

Cobus van der Merwe Guest Blog

Cobus van der Merwe As a competitive bodybuilder I always want to bring the best shape possible to the stage and represent the sport the best way I can. Admittedly we all want to be bigger and better today than what we were a year ago. I am currently enjoying ...

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2015 Plans

Johan Boshoff Guest Blog

Johan ‘Bossie’ Boshoff While it is every athlete’s goal to improve from year to year, sometimes we have a year where we don’t progress in the manner we had hoped. Now that 2014 is well and truly behind us I can admit that last year was really average in terms ...

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The benefit of a strong training partner

Dylan Ridley Guest Blog

Dylan Ridley Greetings fitness freaks, fanatics and enthusiasts. I have been tasked with discussing the importance of a training partner, so I’ll be discussing how you should select one, what you should look for in a suitable training partner, what the role of a good partner is, and why training ...

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Bodybuilding and the financial challenges

Nelson Mthembu Guest Blog

Nelson Mthembu The majority of competitive bodybuilders will face financial challenges, at least at some point in their careers, as this is one of the most demanding sports in terms of costs. The food, the supplements, the travel and competition entry fees all add up to a financial figure that ...

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Achieving my 2010 conditioning

John Leslie Guest Blog

John ‘The Terminator’ Leslie I have decided that it is better to come in more conditioned for the open class pro stage, so I am no longer going to chase size. This is how I plan to do it, keeping in mind that I was much lighter back in 2010. ...

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Gauging conditioning

Hennie Kotze Guest Blog

Hennie Kotze When it comes to checking the conditioning of the athletes I coach, I have two systems that I use. The first, and most important tool I use to gauge progress is body fat measurements. We use a set formula per division, which we use to plan the specific ...

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