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Carb tips

In one of his latest newsletters Y3T-creator Neil Hill shares valuable knowledge on carbohydrates:

Protein has been scientifically shown to be most beneficial for muscle growth when consumed within specific parameters. With a numerical attachment to protein it is easier to prescribe a specific protocol, although there is still a relatively vast spectrum that your “optimal” number could fall within. When it comes to carbohydrates, there isn’t as much data to ascertain what might be considered optimal for muscle growth. However, I can still give you some great tips on getting closer to the best number for you…

Work backwards

With a scientific number attached to protein, work this out first. Then multiply your protein intake by 4 (the number of calories for each gram of protein) to gain the calorific total. From here, based on the calorific target you’re aiming for , you’ve got split that between fats and carbohydrates. With around 0.5g of fat per pound of lean body weight being a sensible number (although not necessarily perfect), the rest can be used for high quality complex carbohydrates.

Analyse Progress

Protein, fats and carbohydrates can all have an inverse relationship with one another. If protein goes up a bit often that means carbohydrates tend to go down slightly, and vice versa. With your initial numbers in place analyse how your body is changing, how your performance is improving and how you feel.


Don’t be afraid to make small incremental changes to experiment in order to find the best set-up for your body. You may find that pushing carbs up and fats down slightly makes a significant difference. Others will do better doing the opposite, it really depends on your body amongst other things.

Just remember that your total calorie intake sets a specific parameter to work within, which in itself can be slightly subjective based on multiple factors. Give yourself time to truly analyse what is going on before making changes. When introducing changes make gradual adjustments so you can gauge what is and isn’t working!

Check out www.y3tmass.com for more information about Neil Hill’s e-book in which he describes the system used by some of the most recognised bodybuilders in the world including 212 Mr. Olympia Flex Lewis and top 3 Mr. Olympia contender William Bonac.

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