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Bring the pain: It’s leg day!

Building impressive wheels demands immense physical exertion in the gym, even if they’re your strongest body part. When the hurt creeps into your sets and reps, it is a signal for local champs like Gibson Makhosana to totally obliterate them! So, nut up, dig deep and make it happen!

Gibson was introduced to the world of weights as a high school student. Born in Cape Town, he moved to a small township known as Poortjie in Gauteng and started lifting weights because he did not want to be bullied at school. “I bulked up quickly and fortunately never became a victim of bullying.”

He was prepared for the level of dedication, commitment, hard work and sacrifice the sport of bodybuilding demanded, having played soccer and rugby. Meeting friends in the gym who also competed was one of the greatest things that happened to Gibson. “At that point in my life I had no idea what bodybuilding was all about. The more I learned about my new-found passion, the more I realised that this is what I loved most.”

Get all the info on Gibson’s leg workout in the January/February edition of Muscle Evolution

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