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Bonac wins Arnold Classic

Rising bodybuilding star William Bonac made his debut at the 30th Arnold Classic held in Columbus, Ohio at the weekend and walked away with the top trophy.

Everybody thought the victory would go to five-time Arnold Classic champion Dexter ‘The Blade’ Jackson but in the end the man known as ‘The Conquerer’ joined a long list of decorated bodybuilders awarded for their outstanding physiques over the years at the show.

The USN-sponsored Bonac peaked perfectly with an abundance of detail, especially in his legs, chest and arms. The 47-year-old Dexter finished in 2nd place and was not his usual self. Although ‘The Blade’ was wider than Bonac he struggled to control his midsection and his legs lacked separation.

Defending champion Cedric McMillan took 3rd with Roelly Winklaar of the Netherlands in 4th and Steve Kuclo returning to the competitive arena, slotting into 5th. It was a pity that Lionel Beyeke, who competed in Columbus for a fourth time, failed to impress the judges. The Frenchman will not be happy with his 6th place position.

Also competing in the Open division and finishing 7th through to 13th, respectively were Justin Rodriquez, Jon De La Rosa, Lukas Osladil from the Czech Republic, Japan’s Hidetada Yamagishi, Fred Smalls, Dennis Wolf from Germany and Maxx Charles. Paul Poloczek of Germany also competed but did not finish.


William Bonac
William Bonac
Harold Kelley
Harold Kelley
Angelica Teixeira
Angelica Teixeira

Arnold Classic 2018 Results:

Bodybuilding Open

1. William Bonac

2. Dexter Jackson

3. Cedric McMillan

4. Roelly Winklaar

5. Steve Kuclo

6. Lionel Beyeke

212 Bodybuilding

1. Kamal Elgargni

2. Charles Dixon

3. Samir Troudi

4. David Henry

5. Jose Raymond

6. Guy Cisternino

Pro Wheelchair

1. Harold Kelley

2. Reggie Bennett

3. Gabriele Andriulli

4. Daniel Minster

5. Steve Lister

Men’s Classic Physique

1. Breon Ansley

2. Arash Rahbar

3. Courage Opara

4. Danny Hester

5. Kevin Ford

6. Dani Younan

Men’s Physique

1. Andre Ferguson

2. Raymont Edmonds

3. Brandon Hendrickson

4. Logan Franklin

5. George Brown

6. Steve Cao

Bikini International:

1. Angelica Teixeira

2. Janet Layug

3. Casey Samsel

4. Romina Basauldo

5. Jennifer Ronzitti

6. Breena Martinez

Women’s Physique

1. Shanique Grant

2. Natalia Coelho

3. Margita Zamolova

4. Michaela Aycock

5. Kira Neuman

6. Priscila Cavilha

Figure International

1. Candice Lewis-Carter

2. Cydney Gillon

3. Heather Dees

4. Michele Silva

5. Bojana Vasiljevic

6. Maria Diaz

Fitness International

1. Whitney Jones

2. Kate Errington

3. Bethany Wagner

4. Regaine Da Silva

5. Ariel Khadr

6. Derina Wilson

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