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Bodybuilding truths

To reach true muscledom you need to learn the rules of the road that will take you to your destination!

  • Intensity, intensity, intensity

Take your final set, whenever you can, on each movement to failure. Always try and move more weight or do more reps.

  • Take a break

Know when to lift your foot off the pedal and dial back to recuperate. If it is hard to take a week off from the gym you can decrease the volume of your training considerably in order to continue making progress.

  • Lift big

Focus most of your training time on the big compound movements: military presses, bench presses, squats, deadlifts and barbell rows. You need to lift big to get big.

  • Vary your reps

Do not get stuck in a 6-8 rep rut. It is always good to mix heavier sets in that range with 8-12 reps with moderate weight and lighter sets of 12-15 reps. For legs, calves and abdominals you can even work in the 20 to 30 rep range. Vary your rep ranges in the same workout or cycle your training weeks, sticking to specific rep ranges.

  • Don’t lift in fear

If you are constantly afraid that you might get injured you will not push past your boundaries. Learn to listen to your body and back off when you need to. If you don’t do that, you will get injured and it will stall your progress for weeks and even months on end.

  • Always believe

If you don’t believe you will accomplish your goals you won’t! Doubting in your ability will only hold you back. Always believe that you can achieve your goals – even if it takes more time, focus and hard work.

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