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Is ‘Big Ramy’ the future Mr. Olympia?

Judging from a series of pictures posted on social media of Mamdouh Elssbiay, the IFBB Pro’s climb to the top of the bodybuilding ladder has been nothing short of phenomenal.

Often referred to by his nickname ‘Big Ramy’ the Egyptian was runner-up to Phil ‘The Gift’ Heath at the 2017 Mr. Olympia. The 33-year-old who trains at Oxygen Gym in Kuwait will be hoping to dethrone Heath and walk away with the Sandow this year.

Heath has remained ahead of his competition and even managed to equal the iconic Arnold Schwarzenegger’s record of seven titles but last year’s performance showed that the other contenders in the top five of Mr. Olympia are beginning to close the gap and catch up to the bodybuilding champion. Big Ramy might need more than the Camel Crew’s anabolic chicken to win…

Big Ramy’s Mr. Olympia results:

2013 – 8th

2014 – 7th

2015 – 5th

2016 – 4th

2017 – 2nd

Big Ramy, big gains. Try out this routine for monsterous arms:

Cable pushdowns ~ 3×10-12

One-arm dumbbell extensions ~ 3×10-12

Close-grip bench presses ~ 3×10-12

Rope pushdowns ~ 3×10-12

Dumbbell hammer curls ~ 3×10-12

Preacher machine curls ~ 3×10-12

Concentration curls ~ 3×10-12

Curls with rope attachment ~ 3×10-12

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