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How to power up pre-workout

Give your training session a boost with pre-workout supplements You asked: Training at the highest intensity, session after session, to promote the greatest anabolic response can often be difficult. What supplements can I use to ensure I deliver my best every time I step into the gym? We answered: Pre-workout ...

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Battle of the Titans V

Who will be the ultimate Titan? Witness the majesty of muscle when athletes take to the stage in the 5th edition of the popular Battle of the Titans. The show, a two-day event attracting top athletes from around the country, is being hosted by Body Building and Fitness South Africa ...

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When to Train. Morning vs Evening


By WFF Pro bodybuilder Henk ‘The Tank’ Smith People often debate whether training in the morning or evening is best for you. Most people prefer to get it done and out of the way in the morning. Others like to blow off steam in the evenings after work. Important considerations ...

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Supp Review: USN BlueLab 100% Whey Protein

A great tasting premium protein The past few weeks I have been using USN’s Whey Protein isolate, hydrolysate and concentrate blend. Although it carries the BlueLab’s stamp of approval, which basically means that it has been specifically formulated and manufactured to provide world class ingredients based on the needs of ...

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Pose with the Pros!


Bring your heels, trunks and bikinis to pose with IFBB Pro athletes on Saturday, 3 June and learn from the best in the business! Catch invaluable tips for the competitive stage from the internationally renowned IFBB Fitness Pro Chika Aluka (Women’s Fitness and Body Fitness) and South Africa’s very own ...

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Pro Bodybuilders Confirmed for Arnold Classic Europe

Six Pro bodybuilders have already confirmed their presence at the Pro Show of the 2017 Arnold Classic Europe. They are Egyptian Mamdouh “Big Ramy” Elssbiay, William Bonac from the Netherlands, Australia’s Josh Lenartowicz and Brandon Curry from the United States. Spain’s Manuel Canadillas and Hadi Choopan of Iran will make ...

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Swearing Makes You Stronger: Study

Can dropping F-bombs make you stronger in the gym? A research study swears it does. The study was recently presented at the annual gathering of the British Psychological Society in Brighton. In a series of experiments 29 young adults took short spins on exercise bikes and another 52 people squeezed ...

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Dr. Squat Dies

Dr. Frederick Hatfield, affectionately known as “Dr. Squat”, passed away at the weekend. Hatfield was 74 years old. He was diagnosed with widespread metastatic cancer in 2012. He died on Sunday, 14 May. Known for pushing the boundaries of human performance Hatfield left an indelible mark on powerlifting, strength sports ...

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Generation Iron 2 Released

Bodybuilders such as Rich Piana, Kai Greene and Calum von Moger star in the long-awaited sequel to the popular docudrama Generation Iron. The original Generation Iron grossed $850,000 at the US box office and was one of the most popular documentaries of 2013. It followed top bodybuilders as they prepare ...

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IFBB Pro Marius Dohne in Hospital

Former IFBB Pro bodybuilder and Mr. Olympia contender Marius Dohne has been admitted to hospital with kidney failure. According to his wife Annelize he now requires a constant need of kidney dialysis including diabetes treatment. They have limited funds available to continue with dialysis without further financial assistance. Their medical ...

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