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Arnold Classic Africa 2017 Amateur Results

South Africans faced plenty of competition from the Middle Eastern and north African countries on the amateur stage at this year’s Arnold Classic Africa held in Sandton at the weekend.

Date: 5-7 May 2017 | Gauteng, South Africa

Athletes from countries such as Egypt, United Arab Emirates, Iran, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait were in pristine condition leaving no doubt that there is a new force on the rise in the world of bodybuilding.

Although the geopolitical importance of the region dates back to ancient times bodybuilding has only recently become a large part of what is known in the Arab world as “the gym culture” where athletes are inspired to make a name for themselves and chase the dream of earning professional accreditation to compete at IFBB events around the world.

Despite the foreign onslaught South Africans still represented their country with pride. Marcelle Collison was in phenomenal shape, walking away with the Overall title in the Women’s Body Fitness category after winning her line-up. Other local athletes with well deserved victories included Micaela Markides (Junior Fitness Bikini and Women’s Bikini Fitness under 1.63m winner), Regina Jonga (Women’s Physique winner), Shelby Neves (Women’s Bikini Fitness under 1.66m winner), Chanel Erwee (Women’s Bikini Fitness over 1.69m), Julian Ramdhari (Men’s Bodybuilding under 75kg) and Muzi Maluleke (Men’s Bodybuilding under 85kg).

2017 Arnold Classic Africa Amateur Results:

Arnold Classic Africa 2017 Results

Arnold Classic Africa 2017 Results

Junior Men’s Bodybuilding Open

  1. Mohamed Magyg Mohamed (Egypt)
  2. Corne van Niekerk (South Africa)
  3. Ali Khodadoost Goli (Iran)

Junior Men’s Classic Bodybuilding

  1. Mohamed Yahia (Egypt)
  2. Abdulaziz Al-Obaidli (Qatar)
  3. Michael Shoniwa (Zimbabwe)

Junior Men’s Physique Open

  1. Khalid Alhothali (Saudi Arabia)
  2. Shamlan Alqallaf (Kuwait)
  3. Murad Ayyad (Jordan)

Master Women’s Bikini Fitness

  1. Nicole Tovey (Bermuda)
  2. Firdous Asmodien (South Africa)
  3. Angela Howden (South Africa)

Master Men’s Physique 40-49 yrs

  1. Khaled J Mohammed Khater (Jordan)
  2. Michael Atkinson (South Africa)
  3. Hisham Albayyouk (Palestine)

Master Men’s Physique over 50 yrs

  1. Khalil Mohamed (UAE)

Men’s Physique up to 1.70m

  1. Ahmad Abazzaz (Kuwait)
  2. Meshal Shj Almuteri (Kuwait)
  3. Mohammad Albanna (Kuwait)

Men’s Physique up to 1.74m

  1. Hassain Jouhar (Kuwait)
  2. Naser Alattar (Kuwait)
  3. Alireza Baradaran (Iran)

Men’s Physique up to 1.78m

  1. Sajed Zeyad Abu Khalae (Jordan)
  2. Shamlan Alqallaf (Kuwait)
  3. Abdull Aziz Abas Al Qallaf (Kuwait)

Men’s Physique over 1.78m

  1. Khodadad Shafie Paur (Iran)
  2. Davoud Taghowi (Iran)
  3. Abdulaziz Muhandes (Saudi Arabia)

Men’s Classic Bodybuilding under 1.71m

  1. Mohammad Ghorb Ghorb
  2. Amir Aliabadz (Iran)
  3. Zahir Kamal Sultan (Jordan)

Men’s Classic Bodybuilding under 1.75m

  1. Bdulazeez Ali Al-Murshadi (Kuwait)
  2. Reza Lak (Iran)
  3. Juan Smith (South Africa)

Men’s Classic Bodybuilding under 1.80m

  1. Farhad Azizi (Iran)
  2. Joe Manjoo (South Africa)
  3. Mahdi Abolghasem Fallah (Iran)

Men’s Classic Bodybuilding over 1.80m

  1. Milad Sade Ghi Borojenoe (Iran)
  2. Abdulla Alsairafi (Kuwait)
  3. Aljar Ahmed Khalida (Saudi Arabia)

Master Men’s Bodybuilding 40-49 yrs under 80kg

  1. Firos Koyante Thoduka (India)
  2. Abdul Aziz Al Faraj (Saudi Arabia)
  3. Hussin Ali Awang (Iran)

Master Men’s Bodybuilding 40-49 yrs over 80kg

  1. Ahmad Essa Almadans (UAE)
  2. Ramadan Hawsa (Saudi Arabia)
  3. Abdul Aziz Al Faraj (Saudi Arabia)

Master Men’s Bodybuilding over 50 yrs

  1. Mahmoud Aboelez (Egypt)
  2. Dumisani Jali (South Africa)
  3. Jabulani Buthelezi (South Africa)

Junior Fitness Bikini

  1. Micaela Markides (South Africa)
  2. Chanel Erwee (South Africa)
  3. Savanah-Jay Prenzler (South Africa)

Men’s Fitness Open

  1. Masimba Nyamajiwa (Zimbabwe)

Women’s Physique

  1. Regina Jonga (South Africa)
  2. Lee Chaldecott (South Africa)
  3. Amanda Strydom (South Africa)

Women’s Body Fitness under 1.63m

  1. Hellen Costa (Zimbabwe)
  2. Marelize Stander (South Africa)
  3. Karen de Beer (South Africa)

Women’s Body Fitness over 1.63m

  1. Marcelle Collison (South Africa)
  2. Nicola Murphy (South Africa)
  3. Sonia van Heerden (South Africa)

Women’s Bikini Fitness under 1.63m

  1. Micaela Markides (South Africa)
  2. Tiana Alves Pereira (South Africa)
  3. Rachel Brun (South Africa)

Women’s Bikini Fitness under 1.66m

  1. Shelby Jessica Neves (South Africa)
  2. Bianca Daiubinet (South Africa)
  3. Savannah-Jay Prenzler (South Africa)

Women’s Bikini Fitness up to 1.69m

  1. Jenna de Leon (Trinidad & Tobago)
  2. Nicole Tovey (Bermuda)
  3. Caroline Deveaux (France/Reunion)

Women’s Bikini Fitness over 1.69m

  1. Chanel Erwee (South Africa)
  2. Stephany Delatour (South Africa)
  3. Steffi Brink (South Africa)

Muscular Men’s Physique Open

  1. Mohammad Alhabbabi (Kuwait)
  2. Abdulrazzaq Alyakoot (Kuwait)
  3. Mohamed Khalil Litfulta (Bahrain)

Women’s Wellness Fitness

  1. Aurea Ferreira (Angola)
  2. Quenita Breet (South Africa)
  3. Carol Brooks (South Africa)

Men’s Bodybuilding under 65kg

  1. Islam Abdou (Qatar)
  2. Abdulaziz Al-Obaidli (Qatar)
  3. Abolfazl Sabet Sarves Lanz (Iran)

Men’s Bodybuilding under 70kg

  1. Michael Parnell (Ghana)
  2. Waleed Al Mastki (South Africa)
  3. Alain Nji (South Africa)

Men’s Bodybuilding under 75kg

  1. Julian Ramdhari (South Africa)
  2. Ali Al Bdlushi (Kuwait)
  3. Peyman Sadeghi Pari (Iran)

Men’s Bodybuilding under 80kg

  1. Oliver Prempeh (Ghana)
  2. Morne van den Berg (South Africa)
  3. Godwin Frimpong (Ghana)

Men’s Bodybuilding under 85kg

  1. Muzi Maluleke (South Africa)
  2. Johnny Lucas (South Africa)
  3. Mohamed Abdelmoneim Yakout (Egypt)

Men’s Bodybuilding under 90kg

  1. Fahad Zaid Hazazi (Saudi Arabia)
  2. Cyrille Kofi Adja (Ghana)
  3. Saeid Karjalian (Iran)

Men’s Bodybuilding under 95kg

  1. Mehdi Mrsadandib (Iran)
  2. Malek Mohummad Ayash (Jordan)
  3. Swamriyar Muhebali (Iran)

Men’s Bodybuilding under 100kg

  1. Meysam Pourahmad (Iran)
  2. Abdul Aziz Atfaraj (Saudi Arabia)
  3. Paul Goredema (Zimbabwe)

Men’s Bodybuilding over 100kg

  1. Mohammad Alnakawa (Syria)
  2. Shanti Mitchell (South Africa)
  3. Ali Ejlali (Iran)

Women’s Body Fitness Overall

  1. Marcelle Collison (South Africa)

Master Men’s Bodybuilding Overall

  1. Ahmad Essa Almadans (UAE)

Men’s Physique Overall

  1. Khodadad Shafie Paur (Iran)

Men’s Classic Bodybuilding Overall

  1. Milad Sade Ghi Borojenoe (Iran)

Men’s Bodybuilding Overall

  1. Fahad Zaid Hazazi (Saudi Arabia)

Some of the ACA action on the night.

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