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A split for all seasons

Get big or ripped no matter what the season.

When you follow a solid training programme that focuses on muscularity, fat loss and strength you are bound to get the results that you are after – be it in winter or summer time.

This whole-body training split will have you perform a heavy multi-joint movement followed by a lighter isolation type exercise. An example of this would be a barbell squat followed by leg extensions. Use as much weight as you can on the first exercise, you should ideally perform in an explosive fashion. Your reps will typically fall in the 5 to 8 range while the reps on the isolation movement would be somewhat higher – 12 to 15. Do three to four sets per exercise rotation excluding warm-up sets. A lighter poundage is used on the second exercise while your focus will be on predominantly controlling the tempo and the tension.

The split for all seasons is ideal for beginners in the weight room and divided in an upper and lower body segments lifters should perform twice a week. For example – train the upper body on Mondays and then again on Thursdays while you hit your legs, calves and abs on Tuesdays and Fridays.

Wednesdays and your weekends can serve as rest days to recuperate from the gym sessions. Stick to a diet plan that is in line with your physique goals.

Remember – the key to either packing on mass or shredding is not simply a matter of what you eat or how much you exercise – it’s your attitude!

Day 1: Upper body

Incline barbell press followed by incline dumbbell flyes for chest

Barbell bent-over rows followed by low rows on a machine for back

Barbell front presses followed by dumbbell lateral raises for shoulders

Dips followed by pushdowns for triceps

Barbell curls followed by preacher curls on a machine for biceps

Day 2: Lower body, calves and abs

Barbell squats followed by leg extensions for quadriceps

Stiff legged deadlifts followed by laying hamstring curls for hamstrings

Calf raises on the leg press machine followed by standing calf raises

Hanging leg raises followed by planks for abdominals

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